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Bathroom/Wet Areas

Water penetration through ceramic tiles in bath/shower rooms, and other wet areas caused by leaks, floods, substrate movement and grout failure can lead to extensive costs and much inconvenience to all those parties involved.

Zack’s water proffing can install an approved waterproofing system to prevent these issues listed above.


Balcony/Terraced Areas

Balconies and terraces can vary in size & construction - this will influence the selection of the waterproof membrane. There are many considerations to take in to account including deck movement, differential movement, drainage, waterproofing continuity at expansion joints, drainage outlets, deck finishes and most important what is below the balcony or terrace – car parking? Habitable space?

Zack’s water proffing can provide a suitable product for your needs.


Flat Roofs

Modern flat roofs tend to use a continuous membrane covering which can better resist pools of standing water. These membranes are applied as a continuous sheet where possible, though sealants and heat welding is available to allow for bonding multiple sheets and dealing with structures penetrating the roof surface and forms a homogenous layer impervious to moisture.


Concrete Spalling

Spalling also know as Concrete Cancer is a result of water entering brick, concrete or natural stone and forcing the surface to peel, pop out or flake off. This is because there is salt in water. Salt pushes outward from the inside. Eventually, spalling can cause crumbling and destruction of a structure.


Water Features

Building or restoration of water features.


Non-slip coatings

Internal and external areas in coloured non-slip coatings. Treatment of tiled areas to give more grip.


Crack repairs & Concrete cancer

Concrete crack repairs and concrete cancer treatment. High pressure crack injection to stop leaks.



Sealing new and existing watertanks.


Retaining Walls

Specialist in negative side waterproofing of internal and external retaining walls.